Tip To Avoid Home Fires

Dated: 03/02/2018

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Avoidable house fires are on the rise. Here is a simple step that could save your home, your possessions and the lives of those you care for

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We all have a junk drawer in our home. It is a drawer that seems to catch all the small objects that we just don’t want to see on the counter. For most, it is gone through often either in search of something or to simply clean it out. Do you know what is in your junk drawer? Is one or more batteries there?
Having unprotected batteries in a drawer can and does easilycause a fire. The prongs or ends can come in contact with a metal item andpaper. The prongs will act as a conductor for the battery current and the paperwill be its fuel.
 How can you prevent such mishaps? You can make sure youstore batteries in the packaging they come in. You can also place a strip ofelectrical tape across the battery prongs (ie. 9 volt) or the positive andnegative connections.
Be sure you check all your multi-purpose drawers. Don’t Forget the garage and workshop! 

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